duminică, 27 octombrie 2013

Street Style by Olivia Palermo

Everyone knows that Olivia has the 6 sense for fashion , today i decided to talk about the most common piece of clothing from our closets . Denim jeans ! At the office you can opt for a casual look consisting of a shirt classic white and blue jeans. With accessories you can give a touch of elegance outfit.

If you have a job more casual, wear jeans shirt with pants, a fashion trend that has dominated the last few years. You can "mix" with black jeans denim shirt, blue or you can opt for denim items, the two shades of gray, in the same outfit.

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  1. I love Olivia! She always dresses perfectly. And you are so right about jeans...they do go with everything. However, the last two jobs I had I was not allowed to wear jeans :( But a chambray/denim top is a good alternative! Thanks for pointing that out :)

    xo Azu