luni, 3 martie 2014

Leather Pants , Friends and Smiles

During the last few months I've been crazy for leather pieces . While I wouldn’t exactly say that leather is my favorite thing to wear , I love the feeling i get when wearing it . It kinda makes me feel more sexy and confident but i don't have any idea why . Anyway this time i was very lucky when taking the pics because the light was the best and the photographer was really patient with me . I went to take photos with one of my good friends Marco . I absolutely love these shoes , and if you read my old blog you would know them already . They thing is that in photos they seem black but they're actually some kind of brown. Thank you Ruth Seman for these amazing photos. Kisses!

4 comentarii:

  1. Nice photos!!

    I really like your blog. I started to follow you on GFC.
    It would be great if you follow me back!


  2. Loving the photos! Beautiful sweater!

  3. Great blog <3

  4. I know exactly what you mean about feeling more confident in leather! These photos are gorgeous!